We here at AUVM  greatly appreciate your willingness to donate your items to the Museum. Below are some guidelines we must follow when donating.   If you have artifacts, video footage, photographs, or archival material that you would like to possibly add to the Museum’s collection, please contact Ashlie, Doug, Or Paula


  1. Items must NOT have any form of copyright restrictions.
  2. Items must have clear title 
  3. Items received must be labeled with the donor's contract information along with the idem's ownership history.
  4. Items being donated must be come with any background information available that establishes the item’s historical significance. Photographs need information on the date, location, subject(s), and so forth. This is necessary to put the image in historical perspective for our members.
  5. The Museum Staff will determinate whether items are accepted. This will be on a conditional basis, with a final decision subject to an evaluation. 
  6. Items accepted as donations are documented with a written receipt form from the Museum to the donor once the items are added to the Museum’s inventory.
  7. The Donors of items that cannot be accepted by the Museum will be notified as such. Then there will be 30 days to retrieve their items. After that time,  the Museum reserves the right to dispose of the items in whatever manner it deems suitable


  • Ashlie :        903-914-2200             

  • Paula :