LT COL Harold "Red" F. Smith, Veterans Day Speech

AUVM founder, LT COL Red Smith, at Sachse's Veteran's Day program for 2015.  Ret. Lt. Colonel Harold Smith spoke about the drone program he was a pioneer in, starting in the 1960's.  An actual USAF drone that flew missions over Israel as a SA-2 Decoy was on display. 

BGM-34B RPV-007

At the 6:10 mark, RPV-007 comes into play. In RPV-007's fourth mission, Inert TV Mavericks were used. The first missile was a direct hit, the drone circles back and fires the second Maverick resulting in another hit! This is the drone AUVM is in possession of and is currently undergoing restoration.

BGM-34B RPV-007

At the 8:32 mark,  RPV-007 comes into play once again. This is the drone AUVM is in possession of. The 34B has two nose configurations: (1) The TV Targeting System for the Maverick & Stubby Hobo Weapons, (2) The Laser Target Designator Configuration for Mk 81 Self Propelled Air to Surface Munition, or SPASM.

BGM-34B- RPV-007

RPV-007 being loaded with Maverick and Stubby Hobo, Dugway, Utah. Our bird in the video up until the 7:30 mark.


BGM-34B Firebee, Ground RATO Launch. Unable to view which RPV it was.

Ryan Firebee BGM-34A Supression Test

  BGM-34A Supression Test 


Firebee can't be shot down!